Some of my fiction books

fragileTurn Of The Tide a CD, an Ipod and a cassette. (publisher Ulverscroft)

Plus, another “who-dun-it” is on the way!

Fragile Memories (2010) ISBN: 978-0-7090-9058-8
When Maura inherits the manor house on Picton near Salisbury, she is busy living in London and working as a model. However, when she returns to Wiltshire to put the property on the market, Maura is overwhelmed by her memories and longs to be able to keep the house. Sadly, it just doesn’t seem financially viable.
Then Maura’s boyfriend, Nick offers a solution…but would it work when her heart still belongs to her first love, Ross Edwards? She and Nick begin to clash over the changes that have to be made to the manor and, when her cousin Jim arrives on the scene with talk of a lost will, Maura is drawn into a complex web of family conflict. Will she come to regret her decision to return home?

Script for Murder (2009) ISBN: 978-0-7090-8808-0
scriptThe Victoriana is a lovely old theatre in the Frank Matcham style. During the season of 1955 one of the actors is murdered in his dressing room. Inspector Carding and Sergeant George Binns are investigating. The absence of an obvious motive for the murder makes their task far more difficult, as does the fact that the main suspects are all actors and actresses, used to playing a part. The tension builds up as secrets are gradually revealed, and the small cast become suspicious of each other. Yet to leave before the season finishes will point the finger at the murderer…

It’s One of Ours (2007) ISBN. 978-0-7090-8362-7
it's oneAnna and Joe Putts daughter was born on September 3rd 1939 as the first sirens wailed throughout London. Eight months later Joe was in the army and like so many other young wives and mothers Anna concentrated all her love and attention on her child. A traumatic experience on the one occasion when she did go out for her own pleasure had repercussions she could never have imagined…

The Straw Halter (2007) ISBN. 978-0-7090-8276-7
straw halterSet on the borders of Sussex and Kent in 1820, Betsy is eighteen years old when she is sold in the market-place to farmer Daniel Forrester. Her grief for her babies and her passion for better deals for women are powerful threads in her story, as jealousy and revenge fight against love, in this tale of a girl led away by a straw halter.

Tin Hats & Gas Masks (2007) ISBN. 978-0-7090-8235-4
Johnny Bookman had not wanted to leave the familiarity of his London home when he was evacuated to the country in 1939. Anita Evesham, used to living away from her parents treated the move as a bit of an adventure. Coming from totally different backgrounds, evacuees Anita and Johnny, an unlikely match, are thrown together. Their experiences are destined to change both of their lives and the lives of their families.AttachmentsAttachmentsAttachments

Venetian Magic (2001)
Venice was a city Cathy longed to visit, and when the opportunity of a temporary job arose she was thrilled. Two men entered her life that summer, yet neither could tell her their real reason for being there. Grant Taggart and Scott Underwood fell in love with her and she became romantically involved with them both. The trio became mixed up in a robbery and a kidnapping before the end of that summer in Venice.

Daisy (2001)
Robert’s marriage had been in trouble before he met Clare. Deeply in love, he and Clare decide to leave London for a new life in Devon. But their train crashes and Robert is killed. Injured and suffering from memory loss, Clare is taken to hospital, where the nurses call her ‘Daisy’. All ‘Daisy’ knows of her past is that she is wearing a new-looking wedding ring. Then she meets Julien – but how can she commit herself to him when she already has ties?

Dare To Dream (1998)
Paul Maxton had inherited Staplehill Manor without money to restore it. He plunged himself into the world of business to enable him to do so, engaging Sara as nanny to his young son. Neither Sara nor Paul had wanted nor expected to fall in love, but the attraction was growing stronger and more passionate daily. Bridget Peters ran a literary agency in London, but was spending more time in Sussex. What was she to Paul? Literary agent, fiancée, or both?

Paid In Full (1986)
When Peter Brussels left newly-wed Debbie Whitecliff his prosperous business, he not only revived memories of a love she had thought was dead, but unleashed jealousy and greed to fight the loyalty she felt about the business she had helped to build. Not only did she and her husband, Mark, have to cope with the practical problems, but they also had to fight the gossip which threatened to overcome their marriage. Meanwhile, Gillian, her manager’s mistress, uses her knowledge of Debbie’s affair with Peter to try to blackmail her. Surprised by her own show of will, and determined to save her marriage, Debbie tells Mark of the affair, with devastating results.

From This Day Forward (1986)
Janet, brought up in an orphanage, takes a job as an assistant in a small seaside hotel. Although the owners are fussy they are also friendly, but she is worried by the persistent attentions of their nephew, John, who becomes a nuisance. She soon becomes friendly with an elderly widow, Maria Chandos, and meets an attractive young man, Russell, who brings her home when she sprains her ankle. Their friendship deepens and they become engaged, despite Russell’s jealousy of Janet’s relationship with both John and Maria. When Colin, an old friend from the orphanage appears, it seems that Russell’s jealousy will put an end to their engagement unless Janet can persuade him otherwise…

Richer than Diamonds (1982)
When Eileen became a children’s nanny she did not realise how involved she would become in the affairs of David Brierson and his children. The part Charles Jennily would play in events eventually led her to take a deeper look into the desires of her heart.

Passionate Enchantment (1980)
The theatre had been a dominating passion for Joanna since childhood. From her first starring role in 1929 we follow Joanna’s public and private career through the depressed thirties and into World War 2, when many of her leading men were in the forces and she and her Aunt Ellen joined ENSA. With the peace came more problems and twenty years on, after her greatest and most painful triumph, she prepared for a completely different role.

A Golden Flame (1980)
When Eve went to Italy on holiday with two friends she hoped the change of scenery would ease the anguish from her broken engagement. She had not expected her ex-fiancé to follow her, nor that she would fall in love again so swiftly and completely. Eve’s holiday sparked off a series of happenings, both in Italy and England, that were sometimes tender, sometimes dangerous, but always exciting. Andy and Pete, so different in outlook and temperament, have one common bond – they both love and need her.

Precious Inheritance (1979)
When Karen went to Heathsea to work for authoress Anna Brookland, it was to help heal a broken romance. But her sympathetic nature soon involved her with her employer’s nephew, James, and with Anna’s debonair son-in-law and his motherless child. Her new life took her from Heathsea to the French Riviera, from Sussex to a foreign airstrip and a kidnapping; to real life adventure as gripping as any in the books she typed for Anna.

Strand Of Gold
To be a star was Poppy’s great ambition, but no-one had told her she would have to pay the price. When at last she topped the bill, her marriage to Joe was already in jeopardy. Could their love survive the separations and the insinuations of the gossip-writers? Was their partnership doomed from the start?

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