Technical problems

Where did March go? Well the title of this blog is a clue. Really computers and me are not a good combination. I do try, really I do, but although I’m an aquarian (supposed to have an affinity with computers and suchlike) I missed out on that one. I’ve tried being nice to it and I’ve tried being nasty to it – makes no difference. I got on fine with my old word processor years ago but .. enough said. It’s up there in front of me now so let’s chat before I press the wrong button and the words disappear.
Weather is glorious down here in Sussex by the sea and we have the spring and summer in front of us – wonderful. Last month I ran a day course on short story writing and I hope the people who came enjoyed it as much as I did. Everyone worked hard but we had fun too. Am hoping to run one on article writing in June if enough people are interested. They take place in the Methodist Hall in Selsey and numbers are limited as it is a small hall. If anyone reading this is interested please let me know and I will check days and dates when hall is available.
Leon and I went to a great party last Saturday. It was to celebrate Beryl Kingston’s new book (her 24th) and her birthday. The sun shone, the food and drink were delicious, the company great and we so enjoyed ourselves. Her new book is FRANCESCA and ┬áTHE MERMAID and it’s a real pageturner. One of those books you feel sorry when it ends. I did .
Hurrah, this blog hasn’t disappeared from the screen yet, so I won’t tempt fate by going any further. Any blog or technical advice welcomed.
Happy writing, painting, swimming, walking , or whatever you enjoy doing to anyone who stumbles across this blog. love to hear from you, Joan.