Day Workshops in Selsey and District

The Straw Halter will be coming out in paperback next month. As soon as I have the cover and further details I will post it here.  My heroine’s name is Betsy which prompts me to ask whether you can work on a book properly until you have named the main characters.  For this one my heroine  had a different name to begin (I can’t remember what it was because when I realised what her name should be the wrong one disappeared from my mind)  The point of this is a question for you.  Can you get on with the story if the main characters don’t respond to their name?  It wasn’t working for me for several weeks and one night I realised it was because of her name.  It was in keeping with the period but it simply wasn’t her.  I went to bed one night thinking about her and when I woke in the morning I knew that her name was Betsy.  After that the story began to roll.  Strange but true.


I am planning to run some day workshops again this year.  I haven’t done any for a few years and they were always popular.  They begin at ten in the morning and run until 4,30 or 5pm, with a break for lunch.  The first one I’m planning for 2018 will be a short story one, and if enough people want it then later an article writing day and a first chapter day.  Maybe even a Memory Book day.   It is a working day and you should all leave with a sizable amount of writing done.  The plan is to have the first one between April and June.  If anyone out there is interested please let me know and I will post details as soon as I have them.  There will be time for brief discussions on various points like market research, viewpoint, etc, but the emphasis will be on getting words on paper.  Please let me know if you are interested.  That’s it for this week .  Happy writing everyone, JOAN.






When Dason Street Goes To War

Good morning. It’s a lovely one here. Cold but the sun is shining and the spring flowers are coming along well in the garden. Spring and Autumn are my favourite times in the year. When it gets a little – no a LOT warmer I will go down to the sea and paddle. I never learned to swim but that’s a story for another time maybe. Today I would like to talk a little about my new paperback  which arrived late yesterday afternoon.  It still gives me a thrill the when the first copies arrive.   It is called IT’s ONE OF OURS and is set between 1939 and 1945.  It is about what happens in the lives of  the people who live in Dason Street.  Particularly  Anna and Joe, Rosie and Jim, Liza and Sid and Queenie and Fred.  A baby is born as the first sirens wailed across the area. They were a false alarm on that occasion but no-one knew that at the time.  Here is a taster from the book:

No-one had prepared Anna for the pain.  ‘Push.’ Queenie said, ‘one last big effort and – that’s right. Good girl, you’re nearly there.’  The sudden wailing note of the siren came with the emergence of the baby’s head…  Queenie trembled as she got on with the delivery job, and seconds later the shoulders and tiny body of Anna and Joe Putts  firstborn slithered out.  The air-raid warning was still going. the infant’s cries mingling with the eerie danger signal.  The baby stopped first, when Queenie put her to Anna’s breast. ‘It’s a girl,’ she said, ‘a beautiful baby girl.’  

This book is available on Amazon, Waterstones, and all good bookshops and also from me if you email me your address.  Also available on Kindle. If you enjoy it I hope you will put a short review on amazon.  If you don’t then just tell me!

Until next time, happy reading and writing everyone. I’m off to make a cup of coffee which is my tipple at his time of the morning.  Well anytime really. I’m a bit of a coffee and hot chocolate addict.  Plus the odd glass or two of red wine in the evening…  Joan