Time seems to go faster as you grow older, doesn’t it?  Or maybe it is simply that we become slower.  In my case that is certainly true.  Used to be able to do several other jobs while dinner was cooking for example. Not any more. I need more than twice as long as I used to for almost everything, and while my fingers are much slower with pen, pencil or keyboard, I’m grateful they do still work.  Writers are fortunate in that they can go on producing for longer than a lot of crafts and trades.  Which brings me to an exciting  piece of news, for me anyway, and that is the paperback and kindle of The Straw Halter is now out.  I left some of the first chapter on this blog last time to give you a flavour of the book and if you either buy or are given a copy as a gift I hope you will enjoy it.  I grew fond of Betsy while I was writing it – would be interesting to know which of your characters you found empathy with.

After running Meet the Authors in Selsey for 11 years on behalf of Selsey Writers’  I retired from it this year.  Thank you to all the authors who supported this event – we had some fun, didn’t we? Some of you sold lots of books, some not so many, but it did what the idea was from the start, writer and reader met and talked to each other, enjoyed tea/coffee and biscuits or cake and, after the first few years, a twenty minute ‘entertainment spot’ which we tried out and which proved popular so we kept it on each year.  There was always a raffle and once or twice we had a quiz too.  In my next blog I will try to put in a few pictures of various MTAs.   The Straw Halter is available , as are my other books, from Amazon, most bookshops and from me . Until next week, happy days.  Joan






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