Who remembers prefabs?  They worked wonderfully well in the 50s and lasted many, many more years than was planned.  Some are still going now I believe.  With the materials and technology we now have they could solve some of the housing problems prevalent now.  Just a thought.



IMG008This photograph was taken in the lavender fields at Lordington a few years  ago on a day when it was open to the public.  Just  looking at it now I can smell the lavender, hear the buzz of bees and see in my mind’s eye the butterflies fluttering gently over the field.  We went with friends and took pictures of each other in this wonderful place.  Lavender has so many pluses.  Apart from the scent, colour and gracefulness  it has healing qualities.  It evokes  calmness and peace.  There are many varieties suitable for large estates,  tiny gardens and anything inbetween.  It is also easy to grow and gentle to the eyes.  Enjoy.

Laptops and Feet!

I see it is three weeks since my last ‘weekly’ blogpost. Sorry about that.  Partly my fault and partly this laptop, which is  behaving rather like an unruly child that I am not handling well.  If I need to find  a reason I will blame it on my foot – yes, I know we don’t write with our feet and I have always told any group I have been in charge of that you can write anywhere and I hold to that.   The foot first, Mostly a bad flareup of osteoarthritus but each time I tried to settle with the laptop the…. thing let me do a couple of pages and when I tried to save it the words had disappeared.  Which makes me wonder if we are all relying too much on our machinery.  Anyway I resolved some while ago that I was going to use pen, pencil and notebook again but of course you do need eventually to put it onto a machine to send it out. Never mind, I have finally got some power into it and must make the most of this spurt  while I decide on the best computer to suit me.  Suggestions welcomed – would be interesting to hear views about your machines.  Joan



During my growing up years I was taught never blow your own trumpet.  If something is good enough it will succeed.   That was a long time ago but old habits die hard and I still find it difficult to say to anyone this is a brilliant book about one of my creations. I am much better at doing it for other folks books.  Actually I don’t think I have ever said that about any of mine.  This is not false modesty – I do think some of mine are good and sometimes when I have read something I haven’t seen for a long time I think, Gosh did I really write that?  It gives me a real boost.  Then I remember that old showbiz saying, you’re only as good as your last show, song, story, book, whatever it is you do that appears in public.