Laptops and Feet!

I see it is three weeks since my last ‘weekly’ blogpost. Sorry about that.  Partly my fault and partly this laptop, which is  behaving rather like an unruly child that I am not handling well.  If I need to find  a reason I will blame it on my foot – yes, I know we don’t write with our feet and I have always told any group I have been in charge of that you can write anywhere and I hold to that.   The foot first, Mostly a bad flareup of osteoarthritus but each time I tried to settle with the laptop the…. thing let me do a couple of pages and when I tried to save it the words had disappeared.  Which makes me wonder if we are all relying too much on our machinery.  Anyway I resolved some while ago that I was going to use pen, pencil and notebook again but of course you do need eventually to put it onto a machine to send it out. Never mind, I have finally got some power into it and must make the most of this spurt  while I decide on the best computer to suit me.  Suggestions welcomed – would be interesting to hear views about your machines.  Joan



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