A Little Bit of Luck


A Little Bit of Luck

What is the additional ingredient that  most writers’ need?   I would say it was a little bit of luck .  I have written and told stories all my life. I began with short stories, largely because of time – I could write, revise and send out a short story within a month, whereas a novel needed much longer.  My husband and I ran a newsagent’s business for many years and that entailed early mornings, late evenings and long country rounds delivering papers ourselves.  We also had two young children and various animals and the novels were put on the back burner for a while.  They were still there, in my head and in my jottings book, sometimes a title, sometimes a character and sometimes a plot.  In 1979 the first one was published.  Since that time I have written many more and enjoyed writing them all.  When  my hardback publisher retired a couple of years ago I had that stroke of luck that all writers’ (except the genius’) need, to be introduced to a paperback publisher who was interested and has now published six of my back list with two more coming at the beginning of July.  I am currently working on a new book (Twin Murders) which features DI John Carding and Sergeant George Binns who first appeared in Script for Murder.   Although I’ve never been in the best seller lists I have been lucky.  A lot of people seem to enjoy my books and I certainly enjoy writing them and  really miss my people when their story  is told.  So here’s a toast to hard work, stickability, and that little bit of luck.


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