About Joan. M.Moules

joan_leon_lavenderI’m married to Leon and we have two daughters and five grandchildren. We live in Sussex, but have moved around England a bit during the last fifty odd years. I hope to blog about some of the places later and connect with other authors and readers.
I was born in Hastings, Sussex and still have relatives who live there. Among my interests are cats, Victorian and Edwardian jewellery, theatre, music hall,and the top three reading, writing and my family. I’m a published author (21 books, many articles and short stories)I love what I do and am looking forward to getting to grips with this blog. My eldest granddaughter, Cara, set it up for me yesterday – thank you Cara.

I’m so excited about this venture and hope I press all the right buttons. Technology is not one of my talents. I look forward to hearing from other bloggers and comparing notes on our writing – where we work, our problems and highlights. I belong to

The Society of Authors, am a  member of The Crime Writers’ Association and of The Society of Women Writers’ and Journalists.


7 thoughts on “About Joan. M.Moules

  1. Just reading Script for Murder and guessed it was Hastings.I am writing a talk for the WI on Sussex in Fiction and will quote from it, if that’s OK with you. I’m on wordpress but not facebook. juliecroundblog.wordpress.com


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